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SACRED HEALING RITUALS - Water that emerges from underground and right there experiences its first exposure to light and water is thought to be most sacred, having emerged with all the resonance of the heart of the Earth still within its cells. ... read more

COLOR HEALING BATH - This bath helps to open the energy in specific parts of your body by affecting the chakra centers through the resonance of color. more

HEALING THE WATERS OF THE WORLD - Even though surface water quality has improved in the United States and Western Europe in the past 20 years (at least with respect to phosphorus concentrations), worldwide conditions appear to have degraded in almost all regions with intensive agriculture and large urban or industrial more

USING THE HEALING POWER OF HADO - The study of Hado was first explored by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Hado is a Japanese word that means "wave", or "move," but the official definition of Hado, as used by Dr. Emoto " The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness."... read more

SOUND AND WATER HEALING - Medical healers from ancient cultures believed that our organs resonate or vibrate at the same rate as musical notes. Through the years, this has been proved scientifically. With each note, there is a particular ripple pattern formed within the fluid of a cell, an organ or the entire blood and circulatory system. This is called a Cymatic pattern, and when the sound produces this wave pattern, it affects subtle energies in our bodies. Read More

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Mostly water is overlooked as medicine and most physicians prefer to recommend drugs or therapies that cannot even begin to do the repair or regeneration work of a well-hydrated human cell. In the body, water expands cells and washes away toxins and carries the toxins out of the body. Every function in a body is improved by taking in more water. The body knows how to heal itself and it can do its job when it has enough water and especially water that has been influenced by prayers of healing, regeneration and renewal.


• Water restores normal sleep rhythms.
• Every 24 hours the body recycles the equivalent of 40, 000 glasses of water to maintain its normal physiological functions.
• The body uses 6-8 glasses a day of its total body water for necessary functions and has no stored water to draw on during dehydration
• Water is the best lubricating laxative and prevents constipation.
• Water helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Remember to drink your water . . .
. . . first thing in the morning to correct dehydration
. . . optimally 30 min. before meals. This prepares the digestive tract.
. . . two and a half hours after a meal to complete t digestion and correct dehydration caused by food break down.
. . . before exercising to have it available for creating sweat.
. . . anytime you are thirsty.

To drink blessed water is to bring a powerful element of intention to your  self-nurturing daily rituals.

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