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Water Blessing Symbols
Images carry  the resonance of powerful concepts and beliefs

Sometimes concepts are more profound than what can be described in a few words. Art offers a way to focus and meditate on the larger concepts, not by mentally understanding it, but by allowing the vibration of that symbol to influence the consciousness and physical reality. By placing these symbols on your water, you will be expanding your awareness in at least two ways. The water will be modified by by the vibration of each symbol to become a blessed elixir of that energy; and the brain registers the energy of the concept each time the image is seen through the eyes. Powerful words also become sacred symbols simply because of their combination of characters and the relationship between each. Contemplate these offerings for their words and imagery. Click on each to enlarge and read more.

Eastern yoga traditions
honor these symbols and concepts
Ancient Sacred Symbols
come from many wisdom traditions
Blessing Symbols
Chakra Blessings
Divine Liberation

Sacred Symbols
Feng Shui Symbols

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