the Spirit of Water


Personal testimonials:

"Everytime I want to fall asleep, I just say "OFF." I immediately fall into a deep sleep and sleep like a baby all night." JC

"I wanted to raise enough money for something important. I needed $185.00. I used switchwords for the amount. The next day, I received $189.00 from a surprise source. I figured the extra $4.00 was for the tax!" SG

By using only a single word to focus our universal creative energy (instead of longer phrases or affirmations, visualization, and other processes) gives the energy a laser-like focus and power in the present moment. As a result, the entire creation process of manifesting desires becames easier and more effective.

How to Use Switchwords
Focus your attention on your desired goal or outcome.
2. Verbally or mentally repeat the appropriate switchword for that desire.
3. Release the mind and allow the subconscious mind to create the desired results.

After letting go, you may receive an inner message or inspiration to take some specific action or the intended results may happen while focused on some other activity.

Try using longer chains of switchwords for certain types of experiences.
A good formula for a switchword chain is:
Together - Divine - [specific switchword] - Be - Now - Done

"Does the Law of Attraction work?"
Anyone who has used the Law of Attraction has noticed some results...because it is just the way our minds work. Switchwor work a similar way but provide a more direct, simple, and powerful way of applying the Law of Attraction.

Intention and belief are the key factors in applying the Law of Attraction successfully. You must believe that the desired outcome will happen. Because this is hard for many people, because their minds have been negatively programmed, they have many limiting beliefs that get in the way of the positive beliefs. This is why the Law of Attraction takes time. It is because they have to reprogram their minds into believing they will receive positive outcomes.

Switchwords do not require your belief. Belief is a function on the conscious mind only. Because of that, many of our desires and achievements come as a result of what we create using the consciious mind. But if your creation is stopped by negative programming, your outcome doesn't manifest. Switchwords instantly contact the subconsious mind with the desired result. There is no communication with the conscious mind. That is why they are more effective and offer faster results than traditional affirmations.





SWITCH WORDS in this collection: Inside each package is a supplementary card with all the switchwords listed.

In this collection:

Together - This master word directs your subconscious mind to produce extraordinary results. Use alone or with other switchwords. Use the "Together Chant" to create new switchwords.

Off - Breaking bad habits can be nearly impossible because the conscious mind focuses on the power bind of the residual memory. Use this switchword to stop conscious blocks. Also use it to switch off your mind so you can fall sleep immediately.

Reach - Your subconscious mind stores the exact location of everything you have ever seen, and has solutions to every problem. Find what you are looking for, and solve all problems.

Curve - The ability to create beauty and recognize beauty brings a quality to life that transforms the mundane into the spectacular. Use this word when you are unable to find meaning in life, or when you want to become more creative. with your personal expression or appearance.

Learn - Youth is a time when the mind soaks up information like a sponge and the physical body is healthy, vigorous, and growing. When you use this switchword to change your own physical conditions, it unlocks the subconscious memories about youth, and helps you feel and look younger immediately.

Adjust - Burdens of any type challenge us by limiting our endurance and personal power. Use this switchword to handle physical, emotional, and mental burdens with ease and efficiency.

Divine - The subconscious mind puts things in order by importance. This switchword, when used alone or in combination with other words, establishes the highest priority to the desire

Count - Part of the symbol language of the subconscious mind is the logic of aquisition. In a desire for money, the subconscious mind wants to create something it can count... as in wealth. Use this switchword to create wealth and maintain countable currency.

Be - Your good health is the greatest gift you can possess in this lifetime. Maintain the health in body, mind, and spirit. Achieve peace of mind. Banish depression and emotional stress.

Change - Pain is the one thing all humans fear and try to avoid. through medication, mind control, or denial. Using this switchword will dispel pain in any part of the body or emotions. Use this word to release anything that causes pain in your life, including painful relationships or situations.

Up - Insecurity is one of the emotional triggers that sabotages our positive movement toward our goals. This switchword transforms insecurity and inferiority complexes, and helps balance the body/mind response to depression, sadness, or perceived failure. A positive outlook assures a positive outcome.

Watch - Anything you want to learn can be accomplished easily through the subconscious mind. This switchword opens the gateway to perfect learning and mastery of skills.